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The Writer’s World Blog Tour

© 2010 Martin Alan Grivjack Photography Martin Alan Grivjack PhotographyI’ve been invited to participate in the Writer’s World Blog Tour by my good friend, Ava Pennington, a fellow board member of the Christian Authors Network (CAN). She participated last week. I want to thank her for the opportunity, and suggest you get to know Ava and her books, because she is a gifted author, teacher, and speaker. Her newest book, Daily Reflections on the Names of God: A Devotional, is published by Revell Books and is endorsed by Kay Arthur, founder of Precepts Ministries International.

Ava has written numerous magazine articles and her stories have been published in more than 25 anthologies, including 20 Chicken Soup for the Soul books. In addition to writing and speaking, she teaches a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class of 175 women from September through May each year. She is a passionate speaker and teacher, and delights in engaging audiences with relevant, enjoyable presentations. She can be contacted through her website:, or through the following:


Facebook Page:



As part of the tour, I have been asked to answer the same four questions all the authors have been answering:

  1. What am I working on?My current project is a sequel to my first novel, The Case of the Exploding Speakeasy, which came out last fall. This one will continue the story of Thomas Watson, the son of Dr. John Watson, and Mycroft Holmes, the brother of Sherlock Holmes, in 1920s Philadelphia. I’ve entitled it The Case of the Boomerang Body, and begins when Thomas, a newspaper reporter, finds the dead body of Nicholas Wolfe, a prominent banker, in a lonely stretch of Fairmount Park. But after Thomas reports it to the police and begins writing up the story, Nicholas Wolfe appears—alive and well—and accuses Thomas of trying to fabricate his death just to sell papers.

  2. How does my work differ from others in its genre? There are many pastiches (works that imitate the work of another author) of the Sherlock Holmes stories. What makes mine different, I think, is my attempt to introduce a Christian element into the story. While Thomas Watson is wrestling with the murder mystery he is confronted with, he is also wrestling with the mystery of faith.

  3. Why do I write what I do? I love a good mystery! And I have read every one of the Sherlock stories by Arthur Conan-Doyle at least a dozen times over. I’ve often wondered why Conan-Doyle didn’t include Mycroft, Sherlock’s brother, into more of the stories—he’s such an interesting character! Also, as a believer, I am eager to share “the hope that is within me.” But it is my intent that the faith element be a natural part of my stories, in the way that it pervades the fiction of C.S. Lewis—obviously there, but never heavy-handed.

  4. How does my writing process work? I typically map out the entire plot before I do any major writing at all. I hear that many novelists just start writing with no idea of how the story will end. It sounds interesting, and I may try to do that someday, but I’m too curious; I want to know how the story ends. Besides that, I am working in a genre—murder mystery—in which the plot is intended to be a brain-teasing puzzle, so it is critical, in my thinking, to have all the details and chronology sewn up before doing any major writing. You have to be sure that someone you’ve killed off in one chapter doesn’t show up in the next—unless, of course, that’s the whole point of the plot, as in The Case of the Boomerang Body!

Now that I’ve shared a little about myself, I want to introduce the friend and fellow author who will follow me on this tour:

LinnetteMullin-5x7LINNETTE R. MULLIN is the author of Life-changing Romance and a freelance writer. Some of her writing credits include her debut novel, Finding Beth, and contributions to the compilations 101 Facets of Faith and Guidepost’s Extraordinary Answers to Prayer. She has also published in Charles Stanley’s In Touch magazine and Public Health Alert, a nationally and electronically distributed newspaper for the chronically ill. Linnette is a member of ACFW and HACWN, the founder and director of Palmetto Christian Writer’s Network in Lexington, South Carolina, and the founder of the “We Are Writers” group on Facebook. Her favorite things in life are her family, her church, reading and writing, drinking tea (hot or sweet), and her Savior most of all. She loves to hear from her readers! For more information including her social network links, visit her at (

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