March 8

Using Articles to Promote Your Book

I really admire my good friend Karen Whiting for her very deliberate and organized approach to marketing of her books. She shared recently how she uses articles to get the word out about a new book release. Here’s her system:

  1. I brainstorm ideas for articles and blog posts as I write the proposal. I also ask the target audience what they’d like to read to get more ideas.
  2. As I write the book, I place excess material that doesn’t fit or ideas from related research in a folder to use for articles.
  3. Once I turn in the book I start sending queries and start writing the articles,   naturegirlcoversmall150trying to have them placed about the time of the release and for a number of months afterwards. Her’s one example: Last year, the month my book Nature Girl: A Guide to Caring for God’s Creation released, I had articles in a teen’s girl magazine the month or the release and used other material for several guest blog posts. I also wrote ten pages for the 40-page American Heritage Girl leader’s magazine as they chose their environment badge to be the main focus of the magazine the month of the book’s release and included a review of the book. That led to my speaking at their leader’s conference. I had another article in a homeschooling magazine the following month.
  4. I do another round of brainstorming after the release while I’m doing radio and TV interviews. The questions asked and responses/reviews I start receiving help me hone in on what topics related to the book trigger the most responses. Then I know what are the most popular related topics.

When I have a new book every six months and deadlines for books I don’t always keep up, but I eventually get the ideas into articles.


Karen Whiting ( is an international speaker, former KarenWhiting612television host, and award-winning author of 19 books. She writes for women, families, children, and the military. Best sellers include God’s Girls, Stories of Faith & Courage from the Home Front, and My Princess Devotions.

She has lived in many states, almost always near the water. She likes adventure and has ridden a camel in the Canary Islands, white water rafted in Australia, ridden horseback in the ocean in Jamaica, and enjoyed scuba diving off the coast of Bermuda. She is a widow, the mother of five, including two rocket scientists (yes, for real) and a grandmother.


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  1. By Karen Whiting on

    Thanks for hosting me Dave. Our mutual author friend Kathi Macias who does lots of speaking says she thinks her articles help her with marketing more than anything else she does.

  2. By Vie Herlocker on

    Great points, Karen. I enjoyed reading this and also learning from you at the Lancaster conference.

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