August 23

Dave’s God

There is one thing I really want you to know about me: my life is not my own. I have put it in the hands of the One who created the universe.

 If you want to know what this “God stuff” is all about, take a look at the following article:

How to Know God Personally

 Also, if you’re wondering how God fits into the problems and issues of life, let me recommend these writings by my good friend Rusty Wright (

How to Be Successful and Satisfied. What is success? How can we obtain it? A look at a major obstacle to success and satisfaction; thoughts on how to find both.

 Anxious for Nothing. Why are we anxious, and what is the cure? Three common causes of anxiety and a suggested solution.

 Forgiveness, Reconciliation and You. Ever been cheated or mistreated? Got any lingering grudges? Any unclear air between you and a family member, neighbor or coworker? Many doctors and social scientists extol the personal and societal benefits of forgiveness and reconciliation. Some inspiring case studies.

 Starting Over: Facing the Future After Significant Loss. When a fulfilling relationship turns to ashes, or your cherished job is torpedoed, or your health falters, or you lose a loved one, or all of the above or more… how do you cope? Practical tips for landing on your feet and continuing life’s race.

 Grappling with Guilt. Feeling guilty can cripple you emotionally. Serious ethical or moral lapses can bring blame and shame. A seemingly minor flaw can sometimes bug the daylights out of you. Healthy ways to deal with guilt and to know that you are really forgiven.

 Dynamic Sex: Unlocking the Secret to Love. Still searching for the secret of love? Missing the deep satisfaction you both want? To enjoy love and sex to the fullest, consider the total person – physical, psychological and spiritual. Spanish French Chinese

 One Minute After Death: What will happen when you die?


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